Bluebonnet ANG Presents:

Janet Zickler Casey's

BOO CHOO CHOO Halloween Train
Sept 22-24 2017 (3 days)

Sign up deadline July 29, 2017

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Boo Choo Choo is a whimsical Halloween train stitched on #18 white canvas.  Beginning with an engine driven by a skeleton to a "box car" that is actually a coffin on wheels, each car is stitched separately and the completed stand ups are attached to one another, creating a whimsical holiday decoration.  Including the engine, a coal car "graveyard", a "box car" coffin, and finally a spooky caboose.

Proficiency level:  Intermediate

Design size:  10" x 40"

Kit Fee $250

Due to the larger than typical price of the kit, (it is 4 canvases!!!)  we will allow folks to do an installment plan.  Total cost is due July 29.

If you wish to pay in installments, Three (3) payments will be due on March 31 ($100), May 31 ($100), and remainder July 29 ($75 + ghost fees).

Installments can be made with post dated checks (we will hold until date).  No refunds after July 29.

$25 deposit is non refundable.